COVID-19 Protocols & Expectations for Digital Directions 2022 Annual Conference - Updated

The success of the conference depends on everyone taking responsibility for following the guidelines at all times. Make sure you read this carefully and understand how it applies to you.

We want to thank you sincerely for your resilience and solidarity. Together we will create a safe and vibrant conference experience.

SFE is committed to following all current City of New Orleans guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as corporate (hotel) requirements to be mindful of the safety of attendees, partners, guests, and staff. 

  • Badges must be worn at all times by all attendees (including sponsors, partners, and guests) in the conference space. This includes social functions.
  • Wear A Social Distancing Bracelet! In order to non-verbally communicate your comfort level with social distancing, we ask that you wear one of the provided bracelets with the color that most describes your comfort level in interacting with conference participants.
    • Purple – Shake hands/hug
    • Green – Elbow bump/fist bump
    • Gold/Yellow – I prefer not to touch and stay at least three (3) feet apart from me.

All guests of the attendees, who participate in any aspects of the SFE conference, must follow the same SFE COVID policies.

SFE appreciates all attendees and partners for the adherence to these policies and their efforts to eliminate COVID-19 exposure. The health and safety of attendees, presenters, staff, the hospitality and local community is a priority for SFE.