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Juniper Payments, LLC

Juniper Payments simplifies domestic and cross-border payment processes through innovative technology, strategic integration, and streamlined processing for financial institutions of all sizes. We have over 18 years of experience providing high-availability transaction, reporting, and risk management services consolidated into a single, user-friendly solution. Over 20,000 users from more than 3,000 financial institutions utilize Juniper Payments services on a daily basis.

The innovator of the Correspondent Gateway, Juniper Payments offers the industry's first and leading all-inclusive correspondent payment platform, built and scaled specifically for correspondent financial institutions.

Juniper's OnWe Network offers Image cash letter clearing services through a correspondent "host." We provide the connectivity, item sorting, and aggregation services to exchange check images received from your customers or their processors with your selected clearing channels.

Juniper also offers a variety of payment solutions via our JuniFunds Payments Hub, both domestic and international, that are specifically designed for commercial/community financial institution deployment.

All of our solutions combine payment origination, receipt, exception management, risk monitoring, and reporting into an intuitive portal, designed to streamline user-facing and back-end operations. If you are looking for streamlined processing, we offer automated transaction delivery to the Federal Reserve Bank for both ACH and Wire transfers.

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