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FPS GOLD was founded in 1964 by Bliss Crandall when a community bank approached him with a need for processing financial data. Since then, our reputation has generated enormous interest in the banking industry, and we’ve seen substantial and sustained growth.

Today, FPS GOLD offers core processing and eBanking software solutions designed for financial institutions across the United States. And, after more than 55 years of experience in the finance industry, we are proud to be known for our preeminent customer service. We believe in being responsive to the needs of our clients, and we actively solicit feedback. As a result, our banking processes are relevant, powerful, and easy to use.

We manage everything from mobile and Internet banking to commercial banking to operating your General Ledger and payroll, allowing you to focus on what matters most, your customers.

Headquartered in Provo, Utah, FPS GOLD has a distinguished track record with over 55 years of experience, cutting-edge products, and customer service with a personal touch.

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